2014-July-06, A world without Romania

The best ad for Romania, bar none.

2013-Jun-13, LinkedIn endorses Cat Herding, but not Bitcoin

On LinkedIn, you can be endorsed for all sort of... peculiar skills: Cat Herding, Snakes, or even "Fear of Public Speaking". But you can't be endorsed for Bitcoin. See what LinkedIn said when I brought this to their attention.

2013-May-16, A brilliant way to recruit

Podio shows us how you can recruit passionate users of your product, who are also web developers.

2012-Nov-13, has ZERO Facebook likes!

Today Facebook's migration of some Like plugin functionality broke all websites that linked to their Facebook fan page.

2011-Sep-27, The new sucks

Yahoo! had a great product in, but they didn't have the vision to keep it. Instead, they sold it to AVOS, who promptly fucked delicious up.

2010-Sep-20, Watching Vandenberg AFB rocket launches

Ever watched a rocket launch? It's quite a sight. Find out where to watch Vandenberg AFB rocket launches in California.

2010-May-11, HTC's solution to stuck pixels on phone screens: clear the cache

HTC's reply to having a stuck pixel on my Nexus One.

2010-Apr-27, Google Earth View

The newly launched Google Earth View seems to bring Google Earth into the browser, and freeways underwater.


Open letter to Richard Stallman asking for help with Wikipedia's deletion of open-source software articles


Why I'll never sell through Amazon Marketplace again


Conversation with Dr. Darrel Ray, author of The God Virus


One question to Richard Dawkins


How could we have survived our childhood?


Google Groups search FAIL.


I expected better than a boilerplate reply from LinkedIn when I submitted a site bug report.


Leaving localization behind. A closed chapter in my professional life.

Wed, July 28 (!?)

Yeah. thinks that July 28, 2009, is a Wednesday.


I'm over 21 and while I've never been drunk, I did taste alcohol; but I just had a truly adult drink tonight.

2009-Jul-05 needs an inspection - they blatantly advertise protein bars that expired in 2006.


Got this from a Russian friend: Ostankino TV tower in Moscow can't make up its mind whether it's open for visits or not.


These days, I've been posting a couple articles on, the Perl resurrection community blog:


Tax day! Did you know that the U.S. spends each year a few hundred billions just to prepare taxes?


You know you're a language nerd when... you can tell the Word of the day is wrong.


Remember when you got a new credit card and it had a little label saying "You MUST call from your home telephone to activate"? That may very well be bullshit. I just activated my MasterCard by calling from Skype, which doesn't even send out a caller ID.


PHP vs. Perl


Trip to Romania


When you have an overarching goal in life, you can evaluate all your major actions against it: "How does this action help my purpose in life?".

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