Got a stuck pixel? "Clear the cache", says HTC

I bought the Nexus One from Google. It's a great Android phone, but I found that it had a stuck pixel, and the T-Mobile 3G connectivity issues that everyone experiences.

So I contacted HTC with the following message:

My Nexus One has a stuck pixel (blue), and I experience T-Mobile 3G connectivity problems in an area where T-Mobile lists full 3G signal.

I would like to have my N1 replaced. Can you please advise how the procedure would go, so that I minimize downtime without a phone?

Here's HTC's boilerplate reply, after about a week:

Hi, I'm Dakota, and I will be glad to assist you today Please follow these trouble-shooting steps to resolve the complications you have received on your HTC Nexus One. First clear the browsing history on your HTC Device. Open the Browser, tap menu, and tap Privacy settings. Choose to Clear Cache, Clear History, Clear all Cookie Data, and clear Saved Passwords. Then perform a Soft Reset on your Nexus by removing the battery, wait five seconds, and reinsert your battery. Test the concerns on your Nexus One. Also bring up the Android Market on your Nexus and clear any applications that might be causing any complications on your Nexus One. Please make sure you have synchronized your HTC Device with Gmail. Go on your Nexus to Menu, Settings, Security, and choose reset to default. Follow the instructions on the screen to reset your Nexus One. Please test the concern with your HTC Device after performing a Hard Reset. Please contact HTC Repairs to send your Nexus One in for repairs if you continue to experience complications after performing a Hard Reset on your Nexus One. The contact number to reach HTC Repairs is 1-(888)-716-3593. Their hours of operation are seven days a week from 8:00am to 1:00am Eastern Standard Time. Choose option three when the line is connected.

May I add,

Please fire idiots like Dakota?

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