Burning the localization bridge

Like pretty much every computer professional, I'm on LinkedIn, and member of a few groups there: Catalyst, MojoMojo, Toastmasters etc. And also "Localization Professionals".

For those unfamiliar with the term, localization is the process of adapting software (and documentation) to different languages and regional markets. The main aspect of localization is translating the software's interface from English into other languages. Since I no longer support translations from English, it only made sense to leave the group. This was somewhat risky in the current economic conditions, because I did gain a pretty solid experience with localization from the years I've spent doing it, and I was well-connected in the local localization circles. But I also have a spine.

Here is my last message to the Localization Professionals LinkedIn group:

After a good deal of careful thinking, summarized at http://wiki.dandascalescu.com/essays/english-universal-language, I have come to realize that localization goes against the trend of English becoming the universal language for global communication. Since I believe that fighting natural selection among languages is a futile enterprise, I will no longer accept any job offers that further translation into languages other than English, nor will I support localization in any way, and I will also leave this group.

Pretty terse. Hasta la vista, translation.

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