Does LinkedIn boycott Bitcoin?

Last week I wanted to endorse a friend for his expertise with Bitcoin (he started an exchange). Alas... there's no "Bitcoin" skill:

LinkedIn boycotts Bitcoin

Alright, Bitumen is a legit endeavor, but let's poke some more among LinkedIn's sanctioned areas of expertise. How about:

  • Cat Herding
  • Dog walking
  • Whistling
  • Pickles
  • Fear of flying (!)
  • Fear of public speaking (!!)
  • Cherry Picker
  • and... Snakes

I am utterly serious. Go to someone's LinkedIn profile and start typing one of the ninja skills above. Or just Ninja skill. Yes, that's a skill too, but perhaps they're just in tune with geek humor.

Stupid shit on LinkedIn

Anyway, being a good netizen, I contacted LinkedIn about this. Here's my email:

I wanted to endorse a few individuals on their expertise in Bitcoin, the digital currency.

Would it be possible to add this area of expertise to LinkedIn?

And here's their brilliant reply, five days later:

Hi Dan,

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have this functionality available. Your feedback has been sent to our research and development team for future consideration.

[... blah blah boilerplate ...]

Customer Experience Advocate

WTF "Erik". You guys have the functionality to add stupid shit as areas of expertise, but you can't add Bitcoin?

And anyone else - forget about petitioning LinkedIn; please instead endorse me for Snakes. Let's see how many Snakes it takes for "Erik" to bug the right person to add Bitcoin.

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