How to recruit web developers who like your product

Podio is a very easy to use collaboration tool built on top of a general purpose item management system. You can use it for project management, CRM, managing expenses, catalog items etc. It's essentially a database with a very nice front-end, plus tasks, activity stream, IM, notifications and so on. We've been using Podio at Blueseed since mid-2012.

Here's a brilliant technique used by the Podio team to recruit users of the product who are passionate enough to look into its web application internals:

How did I discover this?

This technique would work on me, were I not with Blueseed. The reason I discovered it is that I spotted a bug in Podio having to do with adding tags. While reproducing it, I had a hunch that it might correlate with a JavaScript error.

After popping up the Console in Chrome, my suspicion was proven right - the console showed a JS error, and also this awesome recruiting one-liner:

Like playing around in the console? Why not help up build Podio? -

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