Open letter to Richard Stallman asking for support against Wikipedia's deletion of FOSS articles

Dear Mr. Stallman,

I would like to bring to your awareness the recent debate on Wikipedia around deleting the page for the window manager dwm:

A number of Wikipedia administrators believe dwm is not notable enough, and have proposed to delete its page. The discussion has generated a significant amount of heat, such as at reddit, but individual FOSS contributors have been largely ignored (or banned) by Wikipedia administrators under accusations of impersonation ("meat puppetry"/"sock puppetry").

I would like to ask for your help in this regard. Your dedication to FOSS confers you a great deal of authority, and we hope it might sway Wikipedia administrators to amend their criteria of notability for open source software:

  1. digital sources should not be discriminated against on grounds of lack of reliability, given than OSS is less likely to be featured in mainstream printed media.
  2. verifiability is inherently much easier to establish for FOSS than for most other topics.

I will leave at your choice the manner in which you may want to help; here is a RFC that I published on Wikipedia, but which has failed to gain consensus:

Dan Dascalescu,
OSS contributor

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