sells protein bars expired in 2006, 2008 has decent reseller ratings and the best prices for Clif Builder's protein bars, but the promos on that page made me go "WTF?!": sells food expired in 2006

The links are functional, and clicking on them presents you with pages ready to take your order for:

Froodia Diet Bar (400mg of Hoodia) - Savage Strawberry (TASTES LIKE A FRUIT ROLLUP!) (Best By Date 2006 GUARANTEED FRESH!!)

Do they also sell a time machine?

Chef Jays
Tri-O- Plex Brownie - Caramel Butterscotch (Best By DATE Nov-Dec 2008 GUARANTEED FRESH!!)

More like Nov-Dec 2008-Jul 2009?

Galaxy Brands
Hurry, Supplies Are Limited!
Morph Bar - Triple Chocolate Crisp (30 Grams of Protein Per Bar!! Best By DATE Oct 2008 GUARANTEED FRESH!!)

Most likely a technical error, and I've sent them an e-mail. Hopefully I'll get an (expired) coupon.

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