Hey AVOS, the new delicious.com sucks!



UPDATE 2011-10-20: Many issues have been fixed during the last month. Delicious seems to be getting back to the level of usability it had before, and probably with a better backend.

I've been a delicious.com user for more than 5 years, and I've collected over 3,500 bookmarks, each tagged so well that I routinely used delicious as my own external memory. Each bookmark was also described to summarize the page, so if I had a conversation with a group of friends about, say, how temperature affects social interactions, I could literally go to my delicious at http://www.delicious.com/dandvd/temperature+social and find a study I had bookmarked about precisely that topic.

As an additional bonus, I worked at Yahoo! for 4 years and I managed to prod the delicious team to implement some small but useful changes.

However, even though Yahoo! had a great product in delicious, they had a lousy vision in general, and sold delicious to AVOS.

And on September 27, 2011, AVOS fucked delicious up.

Where are tag clouds?

Hey AVOS, if you care for social, then someone's tag cloud (the tags they used, and their frequency) gave you a very, very good glimpse into what made that person tick.

Where is the support forum? If you care about users, when why are all the support questions gone?


only the first 10 bookmarks matching a tag are shown. I had about 120 bookmarks tagged "study" and only 10 are shown: http://www.delicious.com/dandvd/study - fixed

Where are batch tag operations?

Why can I no longer edit the URL when saving it? Maybe I want to remove cruft from the URL; maybe I want to go to the root page of a website etc.

How can we even control the number of bookmarks displayed per page? We used to be able to display 10, 25, 50, 100 bookmarks per page. Now we're forced to see only 10.

Why is the new layout so vertically shrunk, like a newspaper column? I could see a lot more information on one screen before.

Where are the bookmarklets?

Where is tag autocompletion?

Where did all the settings go? All I can set in my account is my avatar, password, website and e-mail? By the way, you got e-mail validation wrong. foo+bar@gmail.com is a perfectly valid e-mail address, but your validation code doesn't think so.

The party line is that you rewrote the backend. Well at least rewrite it right. Do HTML escaping right, at least. If you surf to http://www.delicious.com/dandvd/religion+study+cool you'll see that the bookmark descriptions for those two bookmarks is truncated, because your code doesn't escape < properly. (There may even be chance for an XSS there but I'm not going to waste my time.) Preserve newlines in bookmark descriptions (see http://www.delicious.com/dandvd/global+employment+statistics). And there are probably way more bugs, as I've only looked at the new layout for about 5 minutes.


For me at least, there is no improvement whatsoever with the new look. Instead, much functionality and ergonomics have been lost.

AVOS, do you plan to bring delicious to feature parity with the good old incarnation? If not, I'll have to move my bookmarks elsewhere.

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