The most ridiculous misuse of statistics I've ever seen

I was reading the main page of "A Storehouse of Knowledge, the encyclopædia with a biblical worldview", expecting some fun nonsense at some point... and it happened:

In the United States, despite evolution being taught in schools for over half a century, still nearly half of Americans believe that God created man, as opposed to man evolving from something else. Even in Britain, home of Charles Darwin, a 2009 poll showed that over half the population had doubts about evolution and about one third of the population believed that God created the world within the last 10,000 years.[4]

And it's not only the general public. Although belief in evolution is much higher among those who have been indoctrinated with it in university, there are still over 100,000 scientists world-wide who reject the evolutionary explanation.[5]

Remembering a survey showing that over 90% of US scientists rejected God, I was most curious to see what that "[5]" reference pointed to:

5. ↑ One American study showed that 5% of scientists believed that God created man, which equates to 100,000 scientists in the U.S. alone rejecting at least that aspect of evolution.

Here's the screenshot and page snapshots on Webcitation, Iterasi, Freezepage and BackupURL.

Ridiculous misuse of statistics by Christian fundies

I'm still laughing at this gross, ludicrous, blatant misuse of statistics, and I'm not sure that site isn't a parody of some sort.

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