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Access your Lyft ride history on the web

While Uber shows you a nice ride history, complete with a map of the route, Lyft's website for passengers is pretty much useless. Aside from some promo/offers you can't do jack. You need to log into the mobile app. If you need to export your ride history for any reason (e.g. tax deductions for a business), you can't.

There is though a weird way to access some limited ride history in Lyft's limited web interface: pretend you've lost an item.

  1. Log in. Lyft insists of sending a code to your phone via SMS, which is not only insecure, but also annoying to type, and makes their website impossible to use with a password manager.
  2. Click that link or "Contact Support"
  3. Choose "I'm a passenger"
  4. "Something happened during my ride" -> "Lost and found" -> "Contact driver without sharing my info"
  5. Click the drop-down under "Please select the relevant ride"

I see my rides for the current month:

Lyft ride history hack

It's regrettable and also slightly strange that Lyft doesn't offer a legitimate ride history option, given they have a good Progressive Web App and given that they do have an API for the rides, as this hack shows.