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How to search Yelp for places open at a certain time

Even though Yelp's website lets you search for places that are "Open now", what if you want to plan an evening and need to search for a place that's open after 11pm?

Here's how to do it:

  1. Search for your place as usual. For example, I'm searching for a quiet bar/coffee shop/restaurant in Oakland, within walking distance of downtown, with "Open now (5:20pm)" checked:

  2. Now look carefully at the URL for that. Do you see the open_now=1040 part?
    It was 5:20pm when I did the search. Which means 17:20 in 24-hour notation. And 17*60+20 in minutes. Which is exactly 1040.

  3. Say you want to search for places open after 11pm, which is 23:00, or 23*60+0. Go to your browser's URL bar and replace the number after open_now= with 1380:
    Don't worry that Yelp will still show the current time in the filters at the top of the screen. Notices that all the places it finds are open later than 11pm!