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How to output music through the LG HBS 730 Bluetooth headset

The LG Electronics Tone+ HBS-730 Bluetooth Headset is a great Bluetooth headset, but with some older laptops, pairing and getting it to playback music can be a major pain in the ass on Windows 7.

Here's what I did on my 2010 Dell Latitude E6410 to pair the headset with the laptop and be able to set it as a sound playback device.

Download the latest drivers

  1. Download the latest BIOS for the laptop. For my E6410, this was the Dell Latitude E6410 System BIOS version A16.
  2. Download and install the Dell Wireless 375 Bluetooth Module Application (not the "Dell Wireless 375 Bluetooth Module Driver" - that is an older Bluetooth driver; as to why Dell call one "Application" and the other "Driver", that's just stupid).

Note - the Broadcom drivers didn't work for this laptop, regardless of what other people claim online.

Fiddle with drivers

OK, this part is a bit voodoo. Here's what I did:

  1. Install the BIOS update.
  2. After the reboot, enter the BIOS setup (press F12 at boot).
  3. In Wireless Settings, disable WWAN. Yes, WWAN. This is not Bluetooth, but it did the trick. Weird, I know.
  4. Boot up and uninstall any previous Bluetooth drivers. Try to install the Bluetooth Module Application - it should ask you to activate Bluetooth via the wireless switch. This is patently wrong - you disabled WWAN, not Bluetooth, right?
  5. Reboot, enter BIOS setup and enable WWAN.
  6. Boot into Windows. Surprise, things start installing. You should see this:
  7. If you don't, install the Bluetooth Application again.
  8. In Control Panel -> Sound, you should see "Speakers / Bluetooth Hands-free Audio". Right click and make that the default device. Victory.

How to configure the LG Infinim HBS 900 Bluetooth headset for music playback on the DELL E7450

After upgrading from the DELL E6410 to the DELL E7450, I had the same problem with Bluetooth music playback: the headset was paired, but didn't provide any services. It showed up in Control Panel -> Sound as Disconnected, and the "Connect" context menu didn't do anything.

What I did to fix it was a similar voodoo to the DELL E6410 above:

  1. Uninstall the two Bluetooth Radios entries from Control Panel -> Device Manager (Intel and Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator)
  2. Reboot, enter BIOS, and disable WLAN from Wireless -> Devices (yes, you no longer will have Wi-Fi).
  3. Reboot into Windows and install the Dell Bluetooth Application.
  4. Connect the headset, right click on it, and choose Services.
  5. Hope for the best.

If you're luck, you'll see two services, one for music, and one for telephony. Enable the music one.

Most of the time, the piece of shit Bluetooth drivers won't work and you're shit out of luck.