From a comment thread:

The banks: Bad news, we're broke.
The People: Huuuuh! What? Do you mean we're going to lose everything???
The banks: Well, yes. Yes, you are. Total meltdown, well, unless....
The People: Unless what? Tell us, tell us, we'll do anything!
The banks: Unless we get $850B to recapitalize and start lending again. As a down payment.
The People: Ouuuuuh.... hmmmm.... that is A LOT of....
The banks: Washington Mutual failed. The FDIC has no money.
The People: OMG! Here. Take it, take it all, just don't hurt my 401K, PLEASE!
The banks: Ok, ok, enough. We're open for business again.
The People: Oh good, because we really need a loan. At 1.5% please. Thank you.
The banks: Well, well, well, ok, let's see, uh, no. No way.
The People: What! Why?
The banks: Bad news, you're broke.

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