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Mouse/Mice comparison and review


  • Change the USB polling rate - although there may be no point to it
  • mouse optimization for gaming
  • measure mouse rate (any of the two downloads works fine). Note that the older mouserate (tscherwitschke.de/mouseratechecker.html) doesn't correctly average the update rates. The frequency displayed jumps erratically between 60Hz and 1500Hz when moving normally a cheap 2.4GHz BTC 5213URF mouse connected to a USB port capped at 125Hz, which causes the average to easily be well over 500Hz. The web page is also wrong stating that polling rate for USB can't be changed.



Some mouse users complain about latency. I have not noticed any with the Rocketfish mouse, but here is such a complaint:

really dislike the latency between when I move the mouse and when the movement is registered on the screen. I never knew about this issue before, some poeple may not realize the issue. If you are one that just wants a wireless mouse that works and is bluetooth then this is the best you will find. However if you ever plan on doing photo editing, playing games, clicking on anything that requires some precision.. then avoid bluetooth mice
-- V470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks reviewer, 2009-Jun-29

Ask Engadget: Best Bluetooth mouse out there

"Logitech V470 is the best by miles; once you try it there is no other option; its very accurate too even for gaming never failed me"

2.4GHz radio

Personally tested for 2 years with the Logitech G7. Awesome.


Logitech G7 ★

  • personally tested for 2+ years. Extremely precise and smooth. This is the mouse that did best in making me forget that I'm interacting with the computer through a mouse. It felt as an extension of my hand.
  • - no longer manufactured
  • cordless
  • laser sensor
  • very smooth gliding on desk
  • notched scroll wheel motion (scroll wheels with free-flowing motion feel as if floating in a void)
  • extremely precise pointer operation
  • backup battery included
  • USB receiver doubles as backup battery charger. Whenever the battery in the mouse runs out, swap it with the charged one from the charger/receiver. Swapping can be done in 5 seconds and the batteries are small to keep the mouse light and avoid RSI.
  • battery level warning light
  • 2,000 dpi, 500Hz update rate
  • bought another one after trying the Rocketfish and considering the MX Revolution.
  • - some G7's develop the fake double click problem, which can only be fixed by disassembling the mouse. As of 2010-Sep, Logitech was out of G7 stock and issues replacement G700 mice.

Logitech G700 ★

  • the replacement for the G7
  • personally tested for ~3 months
  • the scroll wheel has two modes: free-flowing (highly annoying for office use), and ratcheted. You can switch between them by pressing a button on the top of the mouse.
  • + hybrid corded/wireless
  • uses one AA battery

Logitech MX Revolution

  • cordless, laser
  • battery charger needs wall outlet (no USB charging)

Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks

Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks

  • + smallest USB receiver
  • + uses one AAA battery
  • + invisible laser
  • self-test 2009-10-12 of a lent mouse
    • - only 150Hz refresh rate. Owner mentioned it was a bit imprecise for drawing maps.
    • got used to it in a few hours after using the Logitech G7
    • - takes 1-2 seconds to wake up from standby mode if not used for a while. No such issue with the G7.
    • + scroll wheel can be toggled between free-wheel and notched mode
    • about 65% of the G7's size, but not uncomfortably small
    • glides exactly as well as the G7

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000

Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000

Microsoft SideWinder X8

  • normal/wide size (78.8mm x 125.6mm)
  • 13,000 frames per second scanning speed; 500Hz USB update rate
  • usable while charging via USB cable
  • gaming grade

Rockerfish Bluetooth Laser Mouse (model RF-ABTMSE)

  • no lag, very responsive
  • notched scroll wheel, unlike the "void" feeling of scrolling Microsoft mice
  • uses 2 AAA batteries
  • 61mm x 111mm
  • personally tested for two days:
    • nice scrolling, ratcheted
    • surprisingly good feel in hand, despite the lower profile, 1cm shorter length, and unusual shape (high behind vs. low in most mice)
    • about 30% lighter than the Logitech G7 or BTC 5213URF, which feels nicer
    • nice scrolling on the desk
    • 80Hz refresh rate. Not an impediment in everyday operation, but visibly less smooth mousing across the screen than the G7
    • too sensitive on the default Windows setting; need to move it 2-3 notches down
    • - no battery level indicator


  • bar at the bottom of the keyboard that can be rolled and moved from side to side

BTC 5213URF (cheap wireless mouse & keyboard bundle)

  • 60mm x 120mm
  • personally tested for several months:
  • - to wake up the mouse, moving it won't work. You have to click, and the click will be registered.
  • - no battery level indicator
  • the mouse lags in a peculiar way:
    • if you click and hold, so as to drag an object on the screen, the mouse often reads that as a double click
    • if you attempt to quickly drag something on the screen, you'll end up clicking near where you intended
  • + batteries do last for weeks ( Maha Powerex Imedion rechargeables 2100mAh)
  • - not recommended, even for business/casual use