Salomon Techamphibian Water Shoes review (the original shoes, not the second version)

I've owned the original Techamphibian shoes for 3.5 years, wore them almost every day, and they've been the BEST shoes, hands down, that I ever had - for martial arts training, trekking on hikes and through cities, and "camping" at work for 9+ hours a day.

The heel of the shoe flips down so it converts to a sandal - very convenient at work if you mostly stay in a cubicle and take occasional trips outside. Plus, the shoes are designed for wading in water, and are very breathable - the fabric is mesh, perforated all the way. This may be a problem in dusty areas, but the only occasion my socks got dirty because of the dust going in, was when I ATVed in Hawaii (where Jurassic Park was filmed).

The shoes are in great shape after 3.5 years, even after I abused them once by washing them in the washer machine.

Beware that the Techamphibians have been discontinued in 2008. The current version, Techamphibian 2 has a fatal flaw: its side wall on the inner side of the foot has only 3, instead of 2 (like the Techamphibian) columns. This causes the pressure to be higher on each column, and the middle column to dig into my foot. I tried walking around with the shoes at REI but they just kept digging, from the first second I put them on. Switched back to the original Techamphibians and they fit perfectly.

Salomon Techamphibian - 4 side columns Techamphibian 2 - note only 3 columns

Reviews from hundreds of users can be found at Zappos.

I've searched for the online stores that sell the original Techamphibians, men's, size 8.5, to order a few pairs for the future. They are extremely hard to find, most search hits being for women's colors. Below are the compiled retailers from all Froogle results (7 pages). For each retailer, I went to their website and searched for "techamphibian". For some, I also searched for the alternate spelling, "tech amphibian". I'm posting the list here because stock will only deplete, so this is your best hope.

  • - proxies Zappos shamelessly
  • appoutdoors - only has women's size 10; responsive customer support promptly fixed product information error that I reported
  • azshoe - women's 8.5, sand, $80
  • backcountry - not my size, even in women's
  • backcountryoutlet - not my size, even in women's
  • beyondbikes - men's 9, blue/autobahn/Detroit, $64
  • - no size
  • dickssportinggoods - men's 9 only, dark clay/camo, $80
  • epicsportsgear - women's only, too small
  • everestgear - call. Dubious info but seems to have men's 8.5.
  • - proxy to backcountry
  • fogdog - men's 9, dark clay/camo
  • fontanasports - site under maintenance
  • Geardirect - Men's 9 only, gold/autobahn, $40
  • gearfreak - out of stock
  • Geartrade - 8.5 women's only
  • gearwest - women's pink only
  • Hermit's Hut - men's 9, blue/gray, $80
  • highcountryoutfitters - only women's, pink
  • Kara - bogus, redirects to 6pm
  • Massey Outfitters - Women's 8.5, sand, $80
  • - bogus data, proxies to Massey Outfitters
  • MC SPORTS - men's 9, dark clay/camo, $80
  • mountainhighoutfitters - women's 9.5; alt. spelling
  • northernlightstrading - women's 9; alt. spelling
  • openairsports - version 2 only
  • pegasusshoes - women's only; alt. spelling
  • Peter glenn - women's 8.5, clay, $50
  • - women's only
  • sierratradingpost - not my size, not even in women's
  • Sports Authority: men's 9, dark clay/camo, $80, free return shipping promotion
  • summer footwear - Men's 8.5, Detroit, $80
  • sunandski - only women's 10
  • The Shoe Planet - junk site
  • travelcountry - only men's 8
  • Zappos - 8.5 only for women
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