While various authors downright bash soy, one study followed over 3000 Japanese men between 1965 and 1999, and showed a positive correlation between brain atrophy and consumption of tofu.1 See also

Red and processed meat

Daily Red Meat Raises Chances Of Dying Early (Washington Post article, original study, abstract). The study conclusion reads "Red and processed meat intakes were associated with modest increases in total mortality, cancer mortality, and cardiovascular disease mortality", but please see the "Adjusted model" results in the results tables of the study. For example, cancer mortality in men in the highest quintile of red meat consumption is increased 22%, and the cardiovascular disease mortality in women consuming the highest quintile of processed meat is increased 38%.



Vitamins - while some nutritionists claim that vitamins are not necessary, there are clear cases of vitamin deficiencies which can be corrected with a normal intake of vitamin supplements. On the other hand, there can be harm in taking too many vitamins, and given that many vitamins are relatively inexpensive, moderation is necessary.

Protein supplements

Protein? powders, shakes and bars can be used for muscle and weight gain, or as meal supplements.

Protein bars

Clif Builder's 20g protein bar

  • the best
  • no odd ingredients
  • personal experience: 1/day for 3 months during P90X. No adverse health effects. Make sure to drink 240mL/8oz of water for each bar.
  • availability:
    • allegedly $1.25 at Safeway (2008-Mar). $1.67 for members as of 2009-Jul.
    • $1.49 at Trader Joe's (2009-Jun)
    • $1.33 ($15.95 for 12 bars) without shipping at supplementwarehouse, which also has all the newest flavors (lemon, vanilla/almond). Supplementwarehouse has good reseller ratings but they're negligent about their product database and appear to sell expired food. With shipping factored in and coupons, still a few cents more expensive than Trade Joe's.
    • whopping large quantities at Amazon are most costly per bar - about $1.85, not including shipping!


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