Consumer electronics / gadget reviews

I usually do a fair amount of research before purchasing electronics. Here are my results.


The quest for the perfect 24" LCD display. 40+ LCD monitors compared.

PDA phones comparison

The smartphone is the convergent device: phone, PDA, music player, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM radio, GPS and whatnot. Over 70 phones compared, most running Android.

Rechargeable batteries and battery chargers

Winners: Maha products.


You wouldn't believe how much light modern flashlights can put out from a single AA battery.

Cameras and accessories

Current equipment: Canon AS650IS with pull-out screen, and Joby Gorillapod GP2-D1EN for SLR.

Universal travel power plug adapters

...because the world has so frikkin' many types of power plugs and sockets

Electric toothbrushes

With better shape for reaching in difficult spots, oral-B has an edge over Sonicare. But which Oral-B?

Computers: pre-built, components and accessories

The array of options in computer parts is simply dizzying. Consider just mice, for example.


Digital food scales

Still looking for a nice cutting board-like digital scale that's actually as large as a letter-sized page

Bath scales


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