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Compact camera tripods

Joby Gorillapod

  • can grip larger things with prominences, whereas Ultrapod's velcro couldn't go around them
  • magnetic feet version for holding up to 325g (remember to include camera batteries in the weight)
  • - due to its flexible nature, can't hold the camera still if you press the shutter. Use the timer feature.
  • undocumented model numbers sold by retailers. Looks like GP2-D1EN is the "SLR" with bubble level, capable of holding up to 800g.
  • vs. Ultrapod II: "Save yourself time & money on the Gorillapod as a camera stand. I have both the DSLR Zoom GP & the Ultrapod 2 and the latter is definitely a better device at even money. Consider that the UP is less than half the price its an easy victory. On paper the GP looks interesting but in reality its quite difficult to master getting the exact composition you want without it wiggling or moving in some undesirable angle. Its quite long & doesn't compact nicely so its not travel friendly."

Ultrapod II

Targus Grypton Portable Tripod XL