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Kenmore 8000BTU Single room air conditioner

  • peer-recommended as running quiet and super-cool

Passive climate control

Over 40 years ago, NASA developed Radiant Barrier technology to protect astronauts in the Apollo Program from temperatures that ranged from 250 degrees above to 400 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Made of aluminized polymer film, the Radiant Barrier both bars and lets in heat to maintain a consistent temperature in an environment where ordinary insulation methods will not suffice. Eagle Shield is a Radiant Barrier product that can be installed directly on top of existing ceiling insulation in a home to reduce heating and cooling bills. [...] It cuts heating and cooling costs by lowering the amount of heat transferred into a home in the summer and out of a home in the winter.
-- http://www.sti.nasa.gov/spinoff/spinitem?title=Heating+and+Cooling+Efficiency+for+Homes

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