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Conversations with Other Women


I liked this movie overall and rated it 7.5 out of 10. It had many intelligently amusing bits of dialogue,

Bridesmaids are matrimonial interns.

And insightful ones:

[on relationships]: In my opinion, when it gets too serious, it's over.

But the most insightful scene is below.

On infidelity

The lead characters ("Man" and "Woman", because we never learn their names) are a couple who divorced ~20 years ago after being very young and very much in love. The reasons for the divorce are unclear, but they are on great terms now and have met at His sister's wedding, where She is a bridesmaid, despite being married. He is also in a relationship, with a younger woman.

They meet and banter in one of the wittiest and most flirtatious dialogues in modern cinema. The attraction and sexual tension unwind and they predictably end up in bed together. At that point, before starting to have sex, She feels "it's probably a mistake".

Man: You don't have to do this...
Woman: As if the act itself mattered... it's a technicality. Don't you know we're already done?