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Pirates of Silicon Valley is a little-known direct-to-TV movie that manages to portray the amazing charisma that Steve Jobs had on his employees. You get to see how Apple software engineers effectively worship Jobs, work for him (not for the company) 52 hours straight with no sleep, and under his direction, fight coworkers - literally: Jobs had organized his employees in two groups (Apple II and MacIntosh) and riled them up against each other, knowing that internal competition will lead to a better product. John Sculley, the orthodox Apple CEO that Jobs hired, naturally found this civil war to be an ill idea. In one scene, he talks to Jobs. Jobs, however, knows what he's doing:

John Sculley: Steve, I'm worried. About what's happening. All the "them versus us" stuff. Macintosh versus Apple II.
Steve Jobs: You don't understand, John. People need a cause.