Slumdog Millionaire

Despite the interesting cinema and the nice soundtrack, this movie reeks with bad scripting and plot holes. Here are some examples:

  1. The show questions match Jamal's life exactly in chronological order, until the last question.

  2. WWTBAM is not live (I've been on the show twice, and when you call a friend, if the show were live, the friend could see the question in advance; in reality, the friend only has 30 seconds to hear the question and answer).

  3. At the end of the first day of the game show, Jamal is thrown in jail and is abusively handled by corrupt cops on charges of cheating. The game show host really, really wouldn't do that, given the public exposure that Jamal had received.

  4. The show host complains how Jamal would win his money. That's never the case; the money belongs to the sponsors, and not to the host.

  5. Jamal remembers who's on the $100 bill but doesn't know who's on the India banknote?! While he handled Indian money throughout his life; not to mention that ALL India banknotes have Ghandi's portrait on them!

  6. Jamal and his friends speak English very well, despite not having gone to school much.

  7. How did Jamal transform from a brown kid to a white adult?

  8. At the end, the crime boss enters Salim's (Jamal's brother) room first, when he had a few goons on hand ready to enter first.

  9. Why would Salim want to die in a bathtub of money anyway?

  10. At the end, when Jamal waits for Latika in the train station, nobody around him notices that he's the winner of the show?

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