Most folks use PuTTY for terminal emulation and SSH tunneling, but there's a much more capable tool out there - Xshell. In a... nutshell, XShell gives the power of SecureCRT at zero price:

  • free for personal use - just like PuTTY
  • Tabbed sessions - extremely useful when connecting to many servers
  • ZMODEM transfer support. This means you can use the handy rz and sz commands to quickly transfer a file to/from the remote host without having to fire up a SCP or SFTP client. Just run sz myfile.txt and XShell will receive the request and offer to save the remote file myfile.txt locally. PuTTY doesn't really want to implement ZMODEM support.
  • find text in buffer - a very simple and useful feature that PuTTY doesn't have
  • public key authentication (includes key generator)
  • connection via SOCKS proxy
  • mouse input support (try running Midnight Commander - you can use the mouse in its interface) and automatic copying to clipboard when the mouse button is released - I loved these about PuTTY
  • URL hyperlinking - not in PuTTY
  • SFTP support
  • send screen/all buffer to Notepad (this is much more handy than you imagine)
  • instant color scheme switch - very useful because white text on black screens is NOT the most readable color scheme
  • transparency, full screen mode, minimize to system tray
  • can define custom series of commands and assign them to toolbar buttons
  • tree-based session storage (PuTTY has a single crammed list)
  • active support forum
  • drawbacks:
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