Brad Neuberg of The Dojo Foundation - "Inventing the Future"

![Brad Neuberg - Inventing the Future]( "Brad Neuberg of The Dojo Foundation - 'Inventing the Future'")

Some excerpts from Brad's speech:

  • An inventive leader has a mission so large that he can't achieve it in a lifetime

  • An inventive leader bores people at parties because he keeps ranting about what he's doing

  • An inventive leader combines invention and values

  • The beautiful is the Milky Way on a cold winter night

  • The Muse is, in programming and software, that brilliant idea that pops into your mind, already formed

  • Sculpting is more than chipping away that which is not the figure

  • I believe that engineers change the world, not business people, not sales people, and definitely not market people

  • Invention techniques: Cranky Inventor, Sacred Cows, I against I

    • The Cranky inventor carries a notepad; he amasses a hitlist of annoyances; he will know what to invent.

    • Sacred Cows: what are the assumption you don't ever notice? Think of a fish who doesn't know he's floating in water. For each such assumption, flip it. See if the whole construction still stands. Example: Euclidian geometry.

    • I Against I: You get 2 engineers, 1 human interaction designer; you leave them alone, shield them, esp. from management, and task them to make you irrelevant. It's only a matter of time before someone else does. So make yourself irrelevant.

  • The true secret to being a great inventor: Inventive leaders stand for something; they burn for something.

  • The Last Speech: image your last day at your current workplace. What would you say? You can say whatever you really think you should say, and you can stand for whatever you really want to stand.

  • The Big Idea: Be Noble

    • Nobility is inventing the future
    • Nobility is having clear, passionate values.
    • Nobility is being an inventive leader
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