Moose for managers

Audience: ~40

Moose is NOT:

  • a prototype
  • a toy
  • yet another accessor builder has been running Moose in production for about a year, and it serves millions of hits. Moose is serious.

Moose is slow? It does have slow points, but it's not going to kill your app, and you probably have slower bottlenecks. You've chosen Perl already, which is not a language close to the metal. The performance penalty of Moose will be very well offset by what you gain from using it.

Moose is syntactic sugar over Class::MOP


MooseX::Method::Signatures can check sub parameter types and return values, manage defaults, and do coercion (e.g. string to URI)

CPAN is full of junk. There are 15 billion modules there, but if you haven't been around for a while, you have no idea what's good and what's not.

But Consistency Is Not A Bad Thing
-- Stevan Little

Rolling your own framework = dumb (most of the time, esp. if you do it for your company)

"How many of you have Moose on your resume?" [no hands raised]

"Perl scripter" ne "Perl programmer". Perl scripters wrote things like parsing log files, but haven't worked with complex applications like Catalyst.

Interview question: "what is the most recent thing you've screwed up? If you answer 'nothing', I won't hire you."

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