Timothy Ferriss - The 4-Hour Body

This is my summary of The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. General impressions about the book:

  • references critical thinking, logical fallacies, the Quantified Self movement, detecting diet balooney etc. Good skeptic stuff.
  • good explanations of when and why self experimentation is superior to established medical science, and why doctors and professors avoid challenging the status quo
  • confirms little-known but well-established counter-intuitive training facts, such as shorter high-intensity aerobic exercise being more beneficial than longer and lower intensity exercise (p. 369 on Tabata intervals).
  • biased towards residents of San Francisco Bay Area, California, where Tim Lives
  • much content is allegedly lifted directly from his blog, without much processing. As someone who hasn't read his blog, I can't comment on that. Still, there are issues, wif you look carefully. The only article from Tim's blog that I compared against the book, From Geek to Freak, shows both that the book updates it slightly (e.g. specifying the quantities for some supplements), and that Tim hasn't checked it since he posted it years ago (one of the products he mentions, Micellean, has been discontinued snice January 2006).
  • most testing (except fat loss) is done only on Tim. He doesn't mention anything about somatotypes (i.e. "harg-gainers" - people who have a difficult time gaining muscle, or "endomorphs" - people who store fat very easily).

From Geek to Freak

From Geek to Freak - gaining muscle

The 15-minute orgasm

Nothing new. A shortened version of the "Venus Butterfly" One Hour Orgasm technique, but done with more difficulty using a finger (even Tim admits that what he thought was "light" was actually too hard). Use the tongue and lots of saliva for extra-light pressure.

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